DermLite Foto X & Nailio®

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DermLite Foto X & Nailio® is the combination for unparalleled portable digital dermoscopy, nail imaging and capillaroscopy. Foto X, with its excellent lens, provides polarized and non-polarized illumination while Nailio improves visualization of deep nail structures and capillaries via its brightness-adjustable red LED. Nailio connects to Foto X and provides a steady platform for your patient's finger or toe and, by being able to tilt from side to side, examining the nail from various angles is easy; it is even possible to examine the distal nail. Whether you use Foto X in combination with Nailio or on its own, simply attach your smartphone, tablet or camera (via an optional magnetic adapter, sold separately), and capture dermoscopic images of amazing clarity. Aside from classic dermoscopy, DermLite Foto X & Nailio may help with differential diagnosis of hematoma vs. melanin pigmentation, differentiating different types of onycholysis, and may be helpful in the management of melanonychia. Nailio is designed to work exclusively with the versatile DermLite Foto X dermoscopy lens. Foto X Foto X is the universal dermoscopy lens that attaches to virtually any digital SLR camera, compact point-and-shoot, mirrorless system camera, even a smartphone, and exceeds our long-running DermLite Foto in most every way. Housed in a durable CNC-machined aluminum unibody and built around the proven optics from the previous model, Foto X provides both polarized and non-polarized lighting at the push of a button, four brightness levels and a 4-level charge indicator. Perhaps best of all, it has its own on-board lithium-ion battery that provides comparable run time as the outgoing model, eliminating the external battery pack. Foto X may even be charged during use, allowing infinite operation at any of the three lower brightness levels. The new, extremely durable bayonet spacer design, with its removable snap-on glass faceplate, allows for quick focusing and even ("semi") non-contact dermoscopy with the faceplate removed: Reducing skin contact to outside the periphery of the lesion site is an especially useful capability when imaging vascular structures where the slightest topical pressure would alter lesion appearance. To assist your institution's infection control measures, Foto X is compatible with IceCap™, disposable covers that simply snap over the unit's faceplate spacer. Foto X may be attached to your camera or smartphone either magnetically (using any of our MagnetiConnect® adapters) or via its standard 37 mm threaded connection, enabling the continued use of any camera adapters that are compatible with the outgoing DermLite Foto. Key benefits: Durable aluminum housing Polarized and non-polarized via button push Four brightness levels Four-level charge indicator Automatic shutoff to save battery life Contact & non-contact dermoscopy Snap-on faceplate with 10 mm reticle Use with virtually any camera, smartphone or iPad Each unit comes with 3Gen's 2-year warranty and includes a USB-C to USB-A charging cable and a sample supply of IceCap infection control caps.
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