MoleMax Systems

It all started in 1996... In October 1996, a small Australian based team released the first MoleMax units from a single production facility located in the inner heart of Vienna... It was the first Digital Epiluminescence System in the world and it was jointly developed with Dermatologists and Clinics (University of Vienna - AKH) for use in dermatological practice. Thanks to the positive feedback received from the first users both in Austria and abroad as well as intensive clinical evaluations received from the field, the MoleMax continued to evolve. With continuous development throughout the years by the advanced team of experienced engineers it was possible to further optimise MoleMax into today’s sophisticated and matured design integrating the latest technology available! Since 2003, Derma Medical Systems has been part of Macquarie Medical Systems, the biomedical division of Macquarie Health Corporation based in Sydney, Australia. The synergies between the Australian and the Austrian teams have assisted in keeping the MoleMax at the edge of leading worldwide technologies, meeting the needs of the thousands of Skin Cancer Specialists and Dermatologists across the world. The produce and software development, along with manufacturing are based and consolidated in our headquarters in Vienna, Austria.




DELM Method advanced by MoleMax Technology

Even an experienced dermatologist finds it difficult to distinguish between a benign and a malignant mole in the early stages. A more detailed and precise diagnosis requires skin surface microscopy. The method of epiluminescence microscopy opens up a new view of morphological features, colours and patterns not seen in an examination with traditional skin surface microscopy. The University of Vienna Medical School in Austria has pioneered the introduction of this advanced method. MoleMax developers brought this even further by developing the only fully hygienically Dermoscopy method available, using cross polarised light.

Why MoleMax System is best for your patients?

The best care for your patient...this is the best practice!

Our teams focus on delivering safe, high quality and efficient tools which help medical practices implement strategies for the best patient-centred care. Improving patient examination experience is essential to create customer satisfaction and engage them in the care and communication process. MoleMax enables dermatologists to examine the skin beyond the surface layers and detect changes at skin not visible to the human eye. This makes the diagnosis much easier for the dermatologists and enhances the chances of detecting a malignant Melanoma early. This non-invasive examination method is not only painless but also allows patients to observe examinations on the screen. Your patients will appreciate the confidence that MoleMax systems bring:

  • No use of immersion fluids necessary
  • Non-invasive examination method
  • Examinations can be observed on the screen by the patient
  • Exact diagnosis using microscopy - no biopsy required
  • No unnecessary excisions • Early diagnosis of Melanoma
  • Unbiased and precise monitoring of higher risk moles
  • Clearer distinction between benign and malignant pigmented lesions.
  • Easy and long term follow up examinations of pigmented lesions.
  • Cost effective


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