Motorised Automatic Total Body Stand

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This feature offers full software integration with the MoleMax HD System with the use of a Canon SLR camera. It provides a Live Image with real full HD preview before saving. An advanced LED flash is used to achieve optimal light conditions and there is a special polarization filter for eliminating shadows and suppressing reflections of the skin. Camera positioning is fast and accurate.  Integrated Laser patient positioning system.

  • System offers fully automatically controlled total body mapping session with 16 predefined positions! 
  • Additional body mapping sessions with 10, 26 and 33 TBM positions are available as well as possibility to create own custom TBM sessions.
  • Live video in real Full HD preview
  • Advanced led flash for optimal light
  • Special polarisation filter for eliminating shadows and suppressing reflections of the skin
  • MoleCount software for fast lesion enumeration on the TBM images
  • New moles and lesions can be quickly identified
  • Does not require any special photography skills
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Stand alone or MoleMax trolley integrated unit available

You might be able to utilise Rebate Code 96904 for Total Body Mapping If you have a new patient with a family history of melanoma listed/known in their health record or if the patient has dysplastic nevi syndrome (multiple nevis per location), you may be eligible to use the rebate code along with our Total Body Mapping Systems to create a value added screening service for your patients. With specially trained nurses, they can photograph the patients for you with our automated products and create a trending, monitoring and recall process with your patients.

Other relevant CTP and ICD-10 codes : 

  • 0400T
  • 0401T
  • 0 - C43.9
  • 0 - D23.9
  • Z80.8
  • Z85.820
  • Z85.828
  • Z86.018
  • Z87.2

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