PhotoMAX PRO DermLite FOTO Kit

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Kit Includes:

  • 1 x User license of PhotoMAX PRO Software allowing you to perform live imaging, trending databasing & follow-up sessions.
  • 1 x DermLite Foto II Pro ELM lens with polarised and non-polarised capabilities. Lens capable of 10 times magnification for dermoscopic imaging,
  • 1 x High resolution Canon EOS 1300D SLR Camera,
  • 1 x Canon Macro lens for macro / Total Body Mapping image capture,

12 months warranty on all hardware included

remote support & assistance orvided for installation and training

onsite installation and training will incur additional charges


PhotoMAX Pro Software:

PhotoMAX is a medical program package which features:


  • Comparitive Imaging & followup
  • Localise patient images easily using the Body Map
  • Monitor the development of a lesion over time
  • An All Skin diagnostic atlas with clinical references
  • Integrated diagnostic aids such as the widely used ABCD rule & the Seven Point rule 
  • Customised Patient Reports
  • Backup & Export patient history, transfer or share databases between PCs in your clinic

Real Time/Overlay Follow Up

A quick comparison in large scale is one of the most important features Doctors look for in Skin Imaging software. A followup image may be taken with the previous image to one side of the screen. Alternatively, an outline may be generated of the original image to allow for easier followup. Images over time may also be compared side by side or over each other to easily assist in recognizing lesion alterations. This allows for a reliable comparison of lesion alterations over an extended period of time.

Markers can be placed on locations of interest. Follow-up images may also be overlayed over each other. 


All Skin Library

The All Skin module is a diagnosis library, which is filled with images, descriptions and gives the user the ability to browse and search for certain skin conditions, in addition to melanoma. 


Expertizer Plus Scoring Aid

This manual scoring module is a histopathology database of images of pigmented lesions taken with the MoleMax system.

This module includes image analysis functions based on state of the art technology, and uses the clinically well-known ABCD Rule and Seven Point Checklist to support the classification of lesions being diagnosed.

This aid to diagnose asks the user to answer each section of the ABCD rule and the 7 Point rule and provides example images to assist with diagnosis. 


OPTIONAL Body Mapping - Mole Count Module (Contact Us for Pricing)

It is often difficult to identify changed or new moles in the follow-up of these patients. Two similiar follow-up images of a relevant body site for one patient will be compared.

This module automatically detects nevi in the first and in the follow-up image and computes the mole mapping. Additionally the software extracts features such as size, shape, and brightness that are relavent to each lesion, and these features are compared for all mapped nevi. Extracted moles are shown in full resolution giving a detailed image of the nevus. 


DermLite Foto II Pro

The all-new Foto II Pro dermoscopy lens has been designed for those who wish to capture the highest- quality dermoscopic images using any 2/3 frame or full-frame Canon or Nikon DSLR.

Featuring polarized and non-polarized illumination, a 6-element lens design for superior resolution, zoom, and camera-controlled automatic polarization change.

Activate the unit by simply pushing the power button, and a ring of bright-white LEDs–powered by two ex- tremely powerful, on-board lithium-polymer batteries– illuminate a field of view that can range from as small as 9 mm for typical lesions to 20 mm in diameter (image frame height) for larger sites, depending on the camera used. Tap the button to toggle between polarized and non-polarized modes or simply attach the included flash cable to do this automatically after each image.

Foto II Pro is supplied with a char- ger, flash cable, and Nikon F-Mount & Canon EF/EF-S adapter rings with protective cap. 

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